What’s in a (Beer) name? The story behind our FATE Laimas (ly-muhs) Kolsch

FATE Laimas Kolsch Label


Laima is the Baltic goddess of FATE. Similar to our IPA namesake, Moirai, Laima makes up a trinity of “FATE Goddesses.”  Except in Baltic Mythology the Laimas trinity is made up of the same deity in 3 different forms.


The goddess Laima was associated with all parts of person’s FATE; birth, marriage and death.


Laimas (ly-muhs) is the Baltic Mythological translation of “The FATEs.”


Some details on our award winning Laimas Kolsch:


A unique twist on an appellation from Germany, Kölsch Style Ale is light, clean and crisp with a dry finish. It has sessionable malt and hop character and a touch of sweetness.


Its fresh flavor comes from the German Pils malt and noble hops and the body glows a brilliant, gold color. This beer is excellent year-round but especially great in the summertime.

5.0% ABV

20 IBU

Hops: Hallertau, Millenium