The Most Accurate Election Poll….Beer

FATE Brewing Company Announces Battle for the Polls, Beer Style


November 1st, 2016 (Boulder, CO) – FATE Brewing Company releases two candidates vying for the people’s vote. Mike Lawinski, Owner, and Jeff Griffith, Head Brewer, have designed two beer styles to take the unknown out of the remaining election season. There will finally be an early and definitive answer to the outcome that the people would need to wait until November 8th to find out.

Are you tired of this election? Have you had to block friends on Facebook? Are the polls, “rigged”? FATE has strategically removed the guess-work out of this election season. Beginning on November 1st, FATE has dressed up two candidates, side-by-side, and the team is counting on the public to speak… in pints.  This will be the most accurate poll you will find. This might just be the poll that the Donald continuously quotes. It might also be the poll that turns Texas blue. Regardless, it is the poll for you!

For a limited time, FATE Brewing Company will use the sales of two beer candidates to predict the 2016 Presidential Election, because if you can’t listen to it anymore, you might as well be drinking your vote.

Now, for introductions of the two candidates competing for the nations largest title:





A sour and bitter ale that is VERY orange in color. This beer is very big in alcohol, in fact HUGE, really. Believe me, everyone is saying that this is the beer to drink. This beer is not shy about grabbing your palate without permission, and always excites its followers. You may think this style has very little experience in the market, but ONLY this beer can; solve global warming (wrong!), create word peace (wrong!), cure cancer (wrong!) and just guarantee satisfaction of anything in life you desire.

(Note: the purchase of this beer does not include tax.)


9% ABV, 109.9 IBU’s, 2 Row, Crystal, and Melanoidan Malts, Galaxy Simcoe and Citra Hops, Ketel Soured Red Ale.


An approachable American blonde ale that has a little bit of spice. Inspired from all its international travels and experience it is infused with tea, which is the perfect ingredient for boosting stamina. This beer delivers slightly different each time you drink it, but fits into as many desires of the mainstream drinker as possible. A dry finish with a dose of feminism, one could likely consume this beer for years to come. Drink too much, however, and you might be motivated to hide the details of the night. (Whether you love or hate this beer, please don’t email us.)


4.8% ABV, 13.2 IBU’s, 2 ROW, Crystal and Acid Malts, Willamette Hops, Brewed with Tea containing lemon, rose, mint, chamomile, and lavender and a Touch of Orange Peel.


Whether you are voting for Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton matters not here.

Give us the beer ballot.


DISCLAIMER: FATE Brewing Company does not endorse either beer candidate. The descriptions do not represent any of the viewpoints of the FATE Staff.