Lower Patio


(Outdoors; Heated and Enclosed Depending on Weather)

Mid-April through November:
available for private parties Sunday through Wednesday only

December – Mid-April:
available for private parties 7 days a week

Our Lower Patio is a guest favorite! The space allows guests to enjoy the Colorado weather and access our game area, or remain under the shade while enjoying a window view of the brewery. The Lower Patio is ideal for larger groups and offers a comfortable amount of space for mingling, buffet set-up, gift exchange, etc. When the temperature drops, the covered space has overhead heaters creating a great outdoor patio experience.

Note: The Lower Patio is not directly connected to the inside portion of the restaurant; guests must walk outside to access space. Handicap access to the Lower Patio is available on the East side of the patio.

  • Food and Beverage Minimum Applies
    • Minimums fluctuate based on date and time of the private party
    • Please complete the Private Party Form to receive a custom quote
    • Please note that Tax and Gratuity are not included in the minimum
      • Current Sales Tax = 8.995%
      • Service Charge = 20%
  • Space Capacity
    • Covered Area (heated and enclosed when necessary)
      • Seated Capacity: 60 guests
      • Reception Capacity: 75 guests (limited tables and chairs)
    • Non-Covered Area (no heaters or enclosures available)
      • Seated Capacity: 20 guests
      • Reception Capacity: 30 guests (limited tables and chairs)
    • Full Lower Patio (Covered and Non-Covered Areas)
      • Seated Capacity: 80 guests
      • Reception Capacity: 95 guests (limited tables and chairs)
  • Food Service Options
    • BBQ Buffet
    • Pub Plate Buffet
    • Limited Brunch/Lunch/Dinner Menu
  • Beverage Service Options
    • Host Sponsored Open Bar (no restrictions; billed per drink)
    • Host Sponsored Limited Open Bar (includes: FATE Beer, House Wine, Well Cocktails and Non-Alcoholic Beverages; billed per drink)
    • Host Sponsored Non-Alcoholic Beverages (includes: soda, tea, coffee and juice)
    • Cash Bar (individual payment for all alcoholic beverages; personal credit cards collected at the time of ordering)
  • Seating Arrangement Options
    • Standard FATE style: 3 rows of 4-top or 8-top tables
    • Banquet style seating: 3 rows of 20-top tables
    • Other/Personalized (to be discussed; some restrictions apply)