Lafayette Cocktails


beet it

luna azul blanco, beet-mint-ginger syrup, leopold bros 3 pins, lemon

black heart

espolon blanco, blackberry-agave syrup, lemon, apple bitters


espolon blanco, fate brewing co uror gose, lemon, lime, triple sec

diablo rojo

herradura reposado, agave, lime, splash red wine

sugar (rum)

welcome cocktail

old overholt rye, brugal anejo rum, cardamom-sucanat syrup, angostura

morning wood

don q cristal, chai-bourbon syrup, cold press coffee

juniper (gin)

not an ipa

spring 44 gin, meyer lemon, hopped simple syrup, riza strongwater bitters

the new rose

spring 44 gin, rose-ginger-currant syrup, lemon

the cellarmaster’s secret

spring 44 gin, hopped simple syrup, lemon

barrel (whiskey)

horse’s neck

evan williams white label bourbon, regatta ginger beer, lemon, angostura

the muse

evan williams white label bourbon, fresno chile-balsamic-maple syrup, leopold michigan tart cherry, angostura

apple of my rye

old overholt rye, apple-cinnamon syrup, fate brewing co parcae bpa, lemon, angostura

spirit (vodka)

eva peron

fernet branca, domaine de canton ginger, quady sweet vermouth, regatta ginger beer, lime

moscow mule

spring 44 vodka, regatta ginger beer, lime

lavender fields

pring 44 vodka, blackberry-lavender syrup, lemon, campari, lavender bitters