First Taste // Experimental Brews // Imperial Core Beer Series


In celebration of turning two we doubled the recipes of our five core beers. These experimental craft ales were brewed on our 10bbl system and yielded less than eight kegs of each style.

What’s a double you say? We doubled the entire recipe except the amount of water.

And the result? Bigger, stronger “imperial” versions of the core beer we all know and love.

Our Anniversary Week (2/2-2/6) we will release one Imperial Core beer each day of the week. Here is the release schedule:

  • Monday 2/2 – Release of Imperial Moirai
  • Tuesday 2/3 – Release of Imperial Sudice American Stout
  • Wednesday 2/4 –  Release of Imperial Norns Roggenbier
  • Thursday 2/5 – Release of Imperial Laimas Kölsch Style Ale
  • Friday 2/6 – Release of Imperial Parcae Belgian Pale Ale

Limited availability so check them out in-house all next week.