FATE Brewing Company Reveals Plans For Expansion

Project To Include New Barrel Aging Room, Improved Packaging Facilities and Nearly 100% Production Capacity Increase

BOULDER, CO – We are thrilled to announce the project, scheduled to break ground December 2014, more than two months before our second anniversary.

Mike Lawinski, FATE Brewing Company’s owner states, “We knew that increased production capacity would be a goal at some point down the road. Never did we imagine it could happen so quickly but we have hit capacity and we need more space to keep up.”

In addition to nearly doubling fermentation space we are happy to announce our recent acquisition of 1600 38th Street, Unit 103 in Boulder, Colorado. The previous home of Boulder Light, this approximately 2500 square foot space will undergo a remodel resulting in a new barrel aging room and improved packaging facility all right next door to our existing property.

The remodel project is currently in its design phase and construction should wrap early 2015. Lawinski states “The goal of the project started simply: brew more beer but we are excited because the space will really allow us to do much more than that.” Increasing production capacity, optimizing packaging processes, enhancing packaged goods product portfolio and driving product innovation will all be other beneficial outcomes of the expansion.

In addition to bourbon, tequila and fresh charred American oak barrels we look forward to housing wine and other spirit barrels in a variety of sizes. Look forward to new (and more) barrel aged products from us in the near future.

The plan lays out new bottling, canning and labeling facilities/equipment for the burgeoning brewery while the brew house investment includes the addition of two 30-barrel fermenters, one 10-barrel fermenter and two 3-barrel fermenters.

Currently we are working with the city to expand our liquor license.

Stay tuned here for more.

See photos of the new space here.

303.449.FATE | fatebrewingcompany.com | 1600 38th Street Boulder, CO 80303