FATE Beer now available at Hazels Beverage World


We’re really excited to announce you can now find FATE at Hazels Beverage world! They have a very limited amount of our small batch Atropos Barrel-Aged Imperial IPA (pictured to the right). Hurry up and head on in there while it’s still available.


Here are some details on our first bottled beer:


Aged in William Weller Bourbon Barrels.

ABV: 9.6%

IBU: 90


Ingredients: Summit, Chinook, Cascade and Eldorado hops. Crystal and 2 Row malts.


Flavor: Atropos, the Greek FATE that cuts the thread of life, is also known for singing of things that are to be. Her namesake Imperial IPA, aged in bourbon barrels, threads the distinctly balanced, aromatic and flavorful American hops with the sugar and caramelized charred oak flavors from the bourbon barrel. Atropos’ three pounds of hops per barrel is sure to enlighten even the most joyous hop-lover.
The Mythology: The eldest of the three Greek FATEs (or Moirai), Atropos along with her two sisters Clotho and Lachesis “controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death.” These three sisters are believed to be amongst the oldest goddesses in Greek mythology and are said to be the daughters of Zeus (the father of gods and men) and Themis (the goddess of divine justice). In accordance with the Greek myth of the Moirai, Atropos is responsible for cutting the thread of life with her shears (while Clotho is responsible for spinning the thread of life and Lachesis is responsible for measuring the thread of life). Atropos is said to choose the manner of each person’s death and sings the things that are to be. She has also been called “inevitable” or “Aisa”.