We are proud to say it. Jeff’s makes great beer. He brews totally drinkable, delicious beer in a wide array of styles. His brew style itself as eclectic and innovative as the brews he creates. Many of his recipes take traditional brew styles and give them an unexpected twist. His ability to create big badass whiskey barrel aged barleywines all the way to a puckering salty tequila barrel aged gose to our warm weather favorite Watermelon Kölsch is what gives our brewery its expansive portfolio. We are so proud of the reception of Jeff’s brews at the Great American Beer Festival this year. FATE Brewing Company Laimas Kölsch Style Ale took Gold in the German Style Kölsch category beating out 83 other ales for the win. His ales display character true to style with added dimensionality and flavors from unexpected sources. He is responsible for recipes ranging from Coffee IPA to Mosaic S.M.a.S.H. to Vinum, a fermented wort/grape must mixture.

Professional brewing for 10 years now Jeff started brewing commercially as Head Brewer at Golden City. His love for the craft began as a hobbiest brewer while working as an engineer. Jeff sees his most important training as time on the job and enjoys exercising this creativity trying obscure techniques and experimenting with unique ingredients.


Brewery tours take place every Sunday at 4pm.

1600 38th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80301
one block west of Foothills Parkway on Arapahoe Road