American Craft Beer Week special releases

It’a American Craft Beer Week! To celebrate this incredible beer lovers week (May 12th – 18th) we will release a specialty brew everyday. We’ve got some great stuff planned. Here are the scheduled releases:

Monday Belgian IPA Premier Tapping

Tuesday Barrel Aged Atropos Imperial IPA Bottle Release

Wednesday 3pm Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Stout Cask Tapping

Thursday Barrel Aged Clotho Cascadian Dark Ale Premier Bottle Release

Friday Wild Honey Wheat Ale with 100% Brettanomyces Fermentation Premier Tapping

Saturday Barrel Aged Dola Barleywine Premier Bottle Release

Sunday Arta Tequila Barred Aged Trippel Premier Tapping (Limited 1/6bbl Release)

It’s going to be a great week with lots of great beer all around the country.

Join us for a pint and a bite.