“Our mission is to share with the world our passion for craft beer, love of innovative crave-able food and devotion to service and community.”

We believe in FATE. We think in the right circumstance, anything is possible. We understand the value of a good meal and a connection with one another. We see craft beer as the perfect accompaniment to life’s adventures. It’s something that brings together people from all walks of life. A meeting or a celebration over a beer often leads to great ideas—ideas that some may call “fate.”

FATE Brewing Company is the brainchild of Owner and Founder, Mike Lawinski. He spent the last 10 years working for the Big Red F Restaurant Group, as the operations manager for both Centro Latin Kitchen and the West End Tavern. It was in this role that he discovered his dream and eventually what would become his FATE…to start his own restaurant and brewery that will provide crave-able innovative comfort food, expertly paired with craft beer and served by a passionate staff.

Our Brewery, Brewers and Brewing Philosophy

A warm hello from our brewery team.

Here’s what others are saying…

We aim to produce beer people like to drink. Beer people seek. Beer that is unexpected. The craft brewing industry is going places and we are proud to be a part of it. We see creativity and product innovation as an imperative to running a successful brewery. We find inspiration for new recipes all around us, from unique ingredients to community members to our scratch kitchen.

The FATE Brewing Company brew team consists of Denise Jones, Director of Brewing and and Distilling, Assistant Brewers, Jesse and Greg, and Paul in Production.

Our Food Philosophy

Here’s what others are saying…

  • Boulder’s Best New Restaurant – Daily Camera’s Boulder County Gold, 2013
  • Best Overall BBQ – Lafayette Annual Craft Brew and BBQ Festival, 2013
  • Best Ribs – Lafayette Annual Craft Brew and BBQ Festival, 2013
  • Best Salsa – 12th Annual Southwest Arbor Festival, 2013

“Although FATE is foremost a brewery, it boasts a full kitchen with a massive menu and quality ingredients.”5280 Magazine Behind the Brew: FATE Brewing Company

The culinary team at FATE has done a fantastic job translating the flavors and philosophy of the brews to the food.– Westword, Happy Hour at FATE Brewing: A FATEful Encounter

We believe in craft. We combine simple ingredients, traditional recipes and ideas in unique ways and pair them with friends to create a memorable experience. We encourage guests to ask questions, try new things and allow our staff to help guide them through their experience.  Our menu is made from scratch and cooked to order. You will not find a microwave in-house. The ingredients we use are carefully selected and we do our absolute best to use local, organic, sustainable and seasonable products whenever possible.

With this dedication to craft we take pride in our partners, vendors and the Front Range community. We are serious about the quality of meats that we offer. Our beef is family ranched from Aspen Ridge, located in Greeley, Colorado. This Colorado Aged Choice Angus is never introduced to antibiotics, growth hormones or beta agonists.

Our favorite toy lives out back, our Yoder Smoker. We fresh smoke our BBQ every single day. In fact the smoked meats you enjoy throughout the day at FATE Brewing Company were smoked that morning. Freshness is key. Enjoy our ham, brisket, pastrami, hot wings, chicken, pulled pork, sausage and ribs all off of our real wood fired smoker.

Our team’s knack for smoked meats allows us to feature predominantly dry rub style BBQ. Our wings, ribs and brisket are all served sauce on the side and we think they are so good on their own that they don’t need sauce. Don’t get us wrong. We love sauces, especially hand-crafted, scratch-made sauces. There’s plenty of those to go around but we suggest our guests try at least one bite sans sauce.

The greens we use in many of our salads are known as “Power Greens.” They are a delightful mixture of baby chard, spinach, red vein spinach and tat-soi (a mustard green variety). We use this particular assortment of greens because we value a high quality salad packed with sustenance and whole ingredients.

Our Boulder kitchen team is led by Head Chef, Patrick Czerwinski.

History of Our Building

From 1984-2004 our location was the home of Jose Muldoon’s, an authentic Mexican restaurant. Frank Day, the owner, also operated a Colorado Springs location making the Boulder branch the second restaurant under this name. The large space, south facing patio and margaritas made Jose Muldoon’s a hotspot in the community and a special favorite amongst the college crowd. In 2004, the concept was changed from Jose Muldoon’s to Table Mountain Grill. In 2005, another Mexican restaurant, Playa Azul took over the lease, they shut doors to the public in 2011. The building was vacant for another year until, as fate would have it, we came along. FATE Brewing Company was incorporated in January 2012 and building renovations began July 2012.